1.The reason for you to China to purchase hose crimping machine.

Are you considering purchasing hydraulic hose crimping machine from china just because the cheaper price?

We have to say Chinese hose crimping machine has its own advantages. Comparing with Finnpower, Uniflex, Parker, Hydralok and other famous brand hydraulic hose crimpers in world, our machine has high cost-effective.

2.How you make money by purchasing Chinese hydraulic hose crimping machine for sale?

You may say it is cheaper price and high cost effective. But now i would like to show you another aspect. That means in a long term business development.

hydraulic hose crimping machine factory

2.1. You could be our distributor.

As a professional manufacturer in China, we have stable quality and well after-sale service for our customers. Also we could offer you one-stop service in hydraulic filed.

With our catalog , website, marketing Strategy, and new-design for your market and strictly quality control, and machines in stock, we could help you to build a quick advantages on market comparing your local competitors.

2.2. You could have your own brand. That means we offer you OEM service for your market.

In nowadays, there is no doubt that only Differentiation Strategy could help your esteemed company win a better profits.

Take hydraulic braid hose crimping machine color as an example. In the market, most of industrial hose crimper color is blue. That means blue color is most acceptable in market? Maybe or maybe not. Maybe there is only blue color for your choice. If you buy a blue color from China and your competitor notice and know china market well, they also know its market price. So you may could not make more profits with blue color. And what’s more, your competitors also could lower his profits to take your customers away. So why not change your mind and customize one model color with your company logo or color. That is very simple but really useful, it has been proved by one of our distributor in South Africa.

So below is our advice: you could choose an unique color, as your company logo color and also we could customize the hydraulic hose crimper for shop press design as your request, if your quantity is enough. That will make your brand unique.

P32X hydraulic hose crimping machine
cortadora de mangueras hidraulicas
hydraulic hose crimper for sale

Let us discuss about OEM design.

Of cause at the beginning, you need a bigger invest for the mould you need to design. For example, if you need customize electrical hose crimper, manual hose crimper, DC12/24V hose crimper and digital hose crimping machine as well as 2 inch, 3 inch, 4 inch and much bigger models, that really cost a large amount of your invest. And also considering commercial marketing with catalog and website and other promotional material. For your beginning, we could help you with only one or two models, that will help you save your invest at the start of business cooperation.

And for a long term business, that is really a very good strategy, because the brand is belong to you and you have your own price, and at that time, you could discuss with your local distributors to cooperate and that will bring you more and more customers with better profits.

If you are interested, please feel free to contact us and we could show you our hose crimping machine distributor policy.

hydraulic hose production line in china
hose crimping machine for hose

3.1. Some supplier only know to ask you: what do you need?

They think you know what exactly you need and wait you to tell them all details.But if you are a customer in hydraulic filed, maybe in hydraulic pump, hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic hoses or fittings or maybe in another industry and have less knowledge on crimping machine, and want to study the market and know better of hose crimper and want to get some advice from them, in there eyes, you are a client without clear needs or clear purchasing order.

If you could contact us, we know how to start to study and we will offer you good suggestion according to your situation and background.

3.2. They will only ask you, what is your target price?

These supplier will ask your target price and then they will apply this price for their boss to offer you the lowest price.

And they could not explain the reason. That means they could not tell you why could be this price and why could not be that price.

Also you maybe confused by asking several manufacturers in China because the machine seems similar but price quite different.

We just want to remind you that we are factory and we know how it works. If the price is too low or lowest, that is not the right price. If the price is too high, of cause that is not the suitable and right price. Clients never search a lowest price, customer always want to find a reasonable price for cooperation for their business.

To tell you the truth, no matter what price you need, we always could offer. We know all the spare parts quality and price. That means we could assemble a set of hydraulic hose crimping machine with price you need or even much lower. The hose crimper looks good and only looks good, when you use it, you will remember this sentence: you get what you pay for. Please do not only focus on price, otherwise you will buy a machine with so much trouble.

Every factory need to make money on the crimping machine, the reasonable profits help company to maintain the normal and regular running. Think about the all fee to run a company. Raw material, hydraulic spare parts, employee, factory workers, engineers, rent, marketing fee and machine fee and cost and so on. If we have no profits and with cheapest price to sale, how about the quality guarantee, how about the service:including after-sale service and daily maintenance service. No factory will be interested in making a deal without profits. So lowest price means without service. Please noted.

We will make reasonable profits to guarantee our quality and service and we will offer you a reasonable price to help you also make money on your local market as well. Let us work together to build a win-win business relationship in a long term like many of our customers already have done.

P32X hose crimping machine

3.3. Some suppliers will let you feel in this way: When you transfer the balance and get the bill of lading, and this is the last time they contacted you.

If you have experience to buy hose crimping machine from china before, you have to know that is normal. If you have do business with such a factory, please do not worry, continue to contact them if there is any question or problem.

If you contact us, you will find we are always here 7 days in one week.( weekends maybe reply late but we will reply as soon as we have checked it)

3.4. You may ask: what hose crimping machine manufacturer i could trust? For Big supplier, small supplier or trading company?

When you buy products from china, no matter what you need or buy, you need to find a suitable supplier for your business.

Big supplier maybe famous, and maybe have all series products you need, but price negotiation will be a hard work, and delivery time could not be guaranteed because they may have large order plan for their distributor. Smaller supplier is also a not bad choice. They are more flexible and price is more reasonable. If you could control the quality and confirm it, a good choice as well. When we say a trading company, most of customers will consider the price will be much more expensive than the factory. In fact, that is not true. If you really find a professional trading company, you will get a better price and they could offer you a very satisfied one-stop solution. Refer to the service? Some trading company will be much more professional than some factories and they know every section on exporting and importing and they are very professional in hydraulic hose crimper that is why they could open a trading company. With a professional team, they could communicate and solve problems for you in time. Whats more, this is a very important factor you need to consider, they have a very good and deep relationship with the manufacturer, they are more closer than you, that means when you have problems, they will solve it more quickly and professionally when you need factory guide or help. That all advantages for your business and service. So please do not focus too much attention on what they are, find out what they could offer and most suitable for your business is the key for your esteemed company.

Hope our blog will help you and open your mind on hydraulic hose crimping machine business.

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