Why we need to know some other brands in hose crimping filed?

In our Chinese famous book- art of war, there is a proverb say: Know the enemy and know yourself, and you can fight a hundred battles with no danger of defeat.

This is truth at war, as well as in business market, because business is as fierce as war.

In your filed, if you would like to be a leader, you must be ready for any time and any situation, you need to know your products very well, also you need to know your competitors advantages, as well as your advantages comparing with them. So you could share the market. Let us know more about some famous hydraulic crimping leaders in the world.

  1. Finnpower

Finnpower hose crimper logo

Finnpower is a hydraulic crimping industry leader with a long history since 1969. It is a finnland enterprise, and their products like portable crimping machine, benchtop crimper and production crimping machine, and hose saws has been exported to all over the world. Finnpower crimping machine is widely used many industry like construction machine, crimping cable and wire, mine heavy industry, marine oil drilling, industrial hose crimping and son on.

finnpower crimping applications

Refer to their hydraulic hose crimping machine series, they are service line hose crimping machine model, general production hose crimper, heavy duty production hydraulic crimper, side feed production high pressure hose crimping machine.

With a long history with international fame in hydraulic filed, durability is their core.

Below is their website: www.lillbackausa.com. and you chould check more information there.


unifelx logo

Uniflex is a Germany company who has been in hydraulic filed for 45 years. If you know UNIFLEX hose crimping machine, you should know their biggest advantage is greaseless technology.When you use this crimper, no oil or grease will ruin your good mood when you are working.We really love this clean solution.

uniflex hose crimper model

They have products as below: workshop hose crimping machine,production hose crimping machine,special crimping machine like cable crimping ,wire rope crimping and insulators crimping machine.also they have hose cleaning machine, test bench machine and embossing and marking machine.

If you pay attention to them , you will find out that recently they also focus on second hand machine. What is that mean? That shows that their machine quality is very reliable, so if you have enough fund, we recommend you could try on second hand Uniflex model.

unifelx hose crimper factory

You could check more information via their website: https://www.uniflex-hydraulics.com/


parker hose crimper

Parker is an esteemed company that has built for more than 100 years which has started at 1917.

With such long time history in this industry, Parker’s products are everywhere. As Parker culture has said: the products of Parker may not be seen, but they could be found and seen everything in this industry.

That shows how Parker influence the world. Hose crimping and pressing products is only one part of their products, and if you check their manual hose crimper, you will find that there are some differences with other products. The manual crimper need to install cup, plate and dies to work.

parker hose crimping machine (2)

Refer to the website, We have to admit that Parker website is very humanized design and it will open the website and language according to your IP address, that will save your time and easy to work and find what do you need quickly.

By the way, The catalog of Parker is with all products and details. On crimping machine catalog, it shows us how to use the machine by pictures and pictures, if you are a greenhand in this filed, we recommend the Parker catalog.It will help you a lot.

The Parker hydraulic hoses are very famous and many of our customers buy our JYC crimping machine for crimping Parker hydraulic hoses.

Learn more on their website:https://www.parker.com

4. O+P hose crimping equipment

O+P logo

OP INC. Has been operated for more than 40 years. Established in Italy, and have branch and sales network all over the world.

They have a wide range of hydraulic products that could meet all your request.

O+P hydraulic hose pressing machine, saws and skiving machine, hose test bench, marking machine bending machine and son on.

O+P hose crimper

This hose crimping brand has been operated for more than forty years.

It is with crimping, skiving and cutting machine, also have multifunctional unit. Also they have hose testing machine and hose washing machine. One-stop solution are provided.

What’s more, OP INC is an esteemed company never stop, they keep moving in their filed. Do you know Stopflex and Hydro + Power? O+P INC always keeps moving and cooperate with other leading company to get a new level.

Know more from their website:https://www.op-srl.it

5.M.M. Hydraulics

I.M.M. Hydraulics is another very famous crimping machine manufacturer in UK. It has been a leader on manufacturer of hydraulic hoses, fittings and accessories for more than 30 years.

I.M.M. is a leader in hydraulic system filed and they are famouse for producing high quality hoses and accessories. In Europe, there are five production base. I.M.M. is only one part of Interpump cooperation.

hydrolok crimping machine (1)

Refer to their crimping product, there are manual hose crimping machine H32MM, portable swaging machine 100T H25MM, Electrically operated swaging machine 175 tons H32ECOSLIM. ALSO Bench mounted electric hose cutting machine HCL-1PH / HCL-3PH.

Interpump Fluid Solutions has incorporates three brands, including hypress, hydralok and GS-hydro. 

hydralok crimping

Lean more on their website:https://www.interpumpfluidsolutions.com

We just list some all well-known hose crimping machine manufacturer here, also there are many other excellent factories in this filed in the world.

Refer to our company products, you could check our product catalog, we have workshop crimper, portable hose crimper, heavy duty crimping machine, customized crimping machine, hose cutting and skiving machine, hose test bench and hydraulic hoses and fittings.

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