May i ask why you purchase a hydraulic hose crimping machine?

No matter you are distributors or an end-user with a repair shop, the final goal is to make money.



Now this blog we will discuss how to make money with a hydraulic hose crimper.

  1. If you are a distributor, you have to be professional in hydraulic machine.

That means you know it very well, including you know what is the operating principle, how to operate it, how to repair it and how to protect and keep maintenance.

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Only in this way, you could introduce the hydraulic hose crimping machine price to your clients, you could help them to pick up the most suitable model for their business and choose the right hydraulic crimping machine according to their budget.

Trust me, you could show your professionals in three sentences when you talk with your clients.

And your professionals will help you win your customers, because they know you are very good at it and when they have troubles, you know how to deal with it. Price is rare to be a decisive factor to buy a manual hydraulic hose crimping machine.

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JYCFLEX could offer our distributor a very competitive price and marketing strategy on your hydraulic crimping market. And that will help you win more income and more profits in your business.

With many years rich experience in hydraulic crimping filed, we are confident to offer you high quality brake hose crimping machine and other hydraulic machines in a reliable and stable condition.

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2.if you are an end-user, you may have been very professional in repair and the machine,that will be a very good start for crimping business.


But if you are green hand in this filed, and after research you find it is a very good business, what you need to do?

2.1 Firstly you have to do a market research, including the profits you could win in your tube swaging machine business per year.

For example, what is your repair radiation area ? Your town or your city or bigger?

2.2 When you confirm your area, you need to do more study on your competitors. Like how many repair shop is near your workshop? What is their repair price for the same hose data? How they do marketing and let clients know them.


2.3 Then, you need to find out how many customers and potential clients are near your place.

And what is the most used hydraulic hoses and fittings or ferrules they use and need to be replaced usually.

So you could prepare all and be ready for any time.

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2.4 The last but not least, you have to buy a very good quality high pressure hose crimping machine.

Please do not only look at the machine price and appearance. There are many factors you need to consider before you buy a portable hydraulic hose crimping machine.

If you buy a cheaper crimping machine for sale with low quality, you will know what i mean.

Some wire rope crimping machine price is very low, it is cheap, but it is very expensive when you use.

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Why we say that?

Just imagine it: when you want to repair a hydraulic hose of a excavator, your AC 220v/DC 12v hose crimping machine do not work or stuck , your clients and your customer will feel so disappointed on that, and you will lose the faith of your customers. Trust is most important factor when your customer decide to choose the repair shop. When you repair the hose crimping machine for van often, you are losing your customers and business.

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When your machine leak oil, you business is destroying.

When crimping hose with bad consequent,your customers are leaving.

What’s more, your fame will influenced badly.

Good fame and service is very important on local market.

Trust is very hard to build but it is very easy to be destroyed.

JYCFLEX hydraulic hose crimper manufacturer

So you must have to choose a reliable business partner could help you to solve any problem as well as a reliable and durable 2 inch hydraulic pressing machine.

There is another point.

That is you have to maintain your digital control hose crimping machine very carefully.

You must operate your portable hydraulic hose crimper with the manual book and after every time usage, cylinder must be open and release, so the spring will get rest and will service you for a longer period.

And if you do not use it for a long time, make sure take a cover on it and protect the used hose crimping machine from sand or stone. Impurities like these will damage and hurt the cylinder and oil seal and cause the oil leak.

NCP32X hydraulic hose crimper

By the way, when we say you should know better on your crimper, you should know your crimper could not only crimp hydraulic hoses, but also could crimp air suspension, crimp steel tube, crimp irregular tube and swage wire rope as well as air hose and brake hose and so on.

Take care it very carefully, so your pipe swaging machine could service you for a very long time.

Also there are some tips with how to crimp hydraulic hoses with crimping machine hydraulic hose.

If you take care and look manual very carefully before your operation, your crimper could service you for a very long time.

So hope now you have a good idea on this business already, if you still have any question, just contact us and we will help you to solve all problems.

No matter what you are considering, contact us via email or leave message on website or whatsapp, we will be your hydraulic assistant.

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