JYCFLEX Corporate Social Responsibility

Need a hose crimping machine from China? As a professional hydraulic crimping manufacturer in China, our company adheres to social values and ethics. What’s more, we value the social responsibility that the enterprise should develop. And we strive to operate, and promote local economic and social development with our own development.
  1. Responsible for employees

When every employee join JYCFLEX, we will plan their personal career according to their personal characteristics and intentions. So every employee of JYCFLEX could find their own value in our company. We cultivate the ownership spirit of each employee. And always pay attention employee’s physical and mental health. That helps employees realize the unity of their personal and social values.

Every year in September, we will conduct corporate games and long-distance running activities. Want to be a Focused figure at that time? Practise yourself now.

social welfare
  1. Responsible to the enterprise
social warefear JYCFLEX

There is no isolated island of an enterprise. So we have maintained a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with our partners, like raw material manufacturers, packaging manufacturers, spare parts suppliers and JYCFLEX distributors. And we try to work with partners to promote local economic development. And that is our corporate social obligations and corporate commitment to society.

Every year on March 12th, our company will organize tree planting activities to protect the environment, and our slogan is :”starting from me, starting from the small things around us”.

  1. Responsible to the society

While actively striving to develop itself, JYCFLEX has also undertaken corresponding social responsibilities. For example: we regularly goes to the orphanage. And we would like to donate money and books and snacks for children. Tutoring children to learn,and show them more about the world.

We will also visit elderly people in nursing homes on a regular basis. Just chatting with them, and let them feel the company of their juniors.

social responsibility

Our company will continue to work hard to become an excellent and qualified enterprise and contribute more power to employees, the company and our society.

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